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Side effects of the preparations used to treat seizures have not been well documented in anecdotal reports as varying doses and strains have been used.Increased appetite and memory problems have been reported.The symptoms during a seizure usually are stereotypic (occur the same way or similar each time), episodic (come and go), and may be unpredictable.Some people are aware of the beginning of a seizure, possibly as much as hours or days before it happens.On the other hand, some people may not be aware of the beginning and therefore have no warning.Some people may experience feelings, sensations, or changes in behavior hours or days before a seizure.Some people recover immediately while others may take minutes to hours to feel like their usual self.

Awareness, Sensory, Emotional or Thought Changes: As the seizure ends, the postictal phase occurs - this is the recovery period after the seizure.Anup Patel of Nationwide Children's Hospital, about his article, “Medical Marijuana in Pediatric Neurological Disorders.” Margo Roemeling, a third year medical student at Oregon Health and Sciences University, shares the learning topic on the history and use of marijuana in the treatment of pediatric neurologic conditions.What to do about the medical use of marijuana (cannabis) as a potential treatment for a number of neurological conditions, including epilepsy, is of much debate.hosted a special report podcast about cannabis on March 6, 2017. Christy also speaks with epilepsy.com's medical cannabis editor, Dr. Jackie Gofshteyn, a resident in pediatric neurology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, about her article, “Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Febrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome (FIRES) in the Acute and Chronic Phases.” Dr.

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